Harbinger of mercy; grace not my path
That I would live in truth, without measure
Divested of deceit, unveiled in knowing

Harbinger of mercy, steadfastly refrain
That I should know, that which is naked and raw
Pain as pain, joy unbound

Harbinger of mercy, stay fast thy hand
That I might accept, all things untouched
Multiplicity as stolid singularity


One Side

I miss the touch
Softly whispered words
If there ever was

Is it a memory?
A wishful illusion?
Creation of one truth

No look; you know the one
Soft eyes, without doubts
Warm quietly tender moments

I cannot say, how can I tell you?
You either feel or not
You either want or do not

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If I were sane, I maybe could explain,

what it is you want from me.

If I were blind, I maybe could find,

the words to tell you what I cannot see.


If I were weak, I maybe could not speak,

my mind and my thoughts.

Beyond your scope, beyond your hope,

things that cannot ever be taught.


You are you, and I am not you,

why can’t you see?

I maybe blind, but I can find,

the truth where we can just be.




Paradise Still Lost



Ashen snowflakes descend,

tears of sorrow for the fallen,

angels weep in sorrow,

gifts of divinity forsaken.


Squandered seed spilled in rage,

machine of man, far from Eden,

takes matters into his own hands,

fruit of the tree forbidden.


Garden of bounty held in trust,

the jester, trickster of illusion,

sleight deceiver, seller of lies,

the rapist of paradise, unforgiven.


Lost in the eyes of the blind,

man devouring man, sorrows coven,

time immemorial, crosses mark,

a barren wasteland, filled with the fallen.