The Message

Under a pierced ink sky he arrived,
immaculate messenger of man,
lives run their course,
still the message remains,
unchanged and timeless.

Upon a Lotus he arrived,
immaculate messenger of man,
his words inspired those who could listen,
still the message remains,
unchanged and timeless.

From Mecca the prophet spread the word
yet another messenger of man,
peace and harmony he taught,
still the message remains,
unchanged and timeless.

So many messengers, one solitary message,
and still we fail to hear.


Barren Stones


Upon this path of barren stones I have chosen,

crowded by many, apart and part, yet solitary.


The search… ah, the search, that which is unspoken,

a thought, imagined, oft believed, less than momentary.


Reality arisen, already dead in thoughts delay,

grasping the ungraspable, as dreams in the dawn.


Quietly breathe, shh… nothing more to hear or say,

nothing to think, nothing to do, let the veil be finally drawn.






Between where I am and where I wish to be

Is the measure of all stress

Between what I have and what I want

Is just a reason to impress


Between who I am and yet strive to be

Is the measure of this lie

Between what has been and is yet to come

Is a story into which we buy


Between that moment and the one not born

Is a world, stunning and free from strife

So I will sit and reengage

This mystery we call life



I Am

“I” am but a thought,
a loosely stitched patchwork of memories.
Frayed and gapped,
An illusion of my doing, the apparent sum of me.

Present to the world,
this gossamer veil of lesser truths.
Molded and shaped,
for the benefit of other eyes.

Tattered and worn,
threadbare, light cannot be shadowed.
From sleep filled eyes,
awake, now into the simple dawn I go.




Prescience, sensed, something seems

Held out of reach, patiently

Softest mist on the fringe of dreams


Whisper softly, again I may know

Days long gone, in silent groves

Lost between sky and earth below


Fragile touch, fear not, as I became

Apart, where once but one laughed

Heard or spoken, one and the same



So Simple

Rest now, relinquish
When to do is but a phrase
Weighed without consideration
Step smiling from the maze

Rest now, in silence
Where the world is but a dream
Fading tales without support
Finally knowing what it means

Rest now, remember
How simple a life can be
Stripped of lies that we are taught
Eyes open and free to see


1280X800 (wallpaper, Buddhism) Samsung Galaxy Tab








Chasing, desperately grasping,

A sense of lacking, all pervading,

Happiness, something to be lived up to,

Sought after, wrestled to the ground.


Looking outward, searching, elsewhere,

Waiting for the, “someday,” this present we bear,

Plan, wish and hope it may find us,

As if it were something to be found.


Battered and worn, fallen again,

Wearied and broken in sorrowful pain,

Rest gently now, within the silence,

What was never lost may now abound.