To the sensual night I gaze

Diamond spark betray the dark

Awaken this heart with fiery blaze


No thoughts betray nor arise

Timeless soul in grace unfolds

Beyond all truth or earthly lies


To the sensual night I gaze

Diamond spark betray the dark

Awaken this heart with fiery blaze




Coffee Shop


My eyes close, the sweet scent playfully teases

Freshly baked, soft and fragrant

Vanilla I think, with just a hint of cinnamon


The strong coffee is warm in my hand

Sitting alone, the magazine lies open

More a way to avoid the occasional stares


Music, aromas, mixed conversations, just one perfect moment






I say some words, already regretting the sounds

My heart rises, guarded, at the chance of a smile

Boredom and irritation are the reply

Barely hidden in absent glances of disinterest


I know the words were not heard

The response automatic, disconnected

Intention doesn’t make it any easier

Or make the heart-fall ache any less


So many other places I could be

But my heart is tied to this time and place

Her screens soft light shows her distant smile

So I smile sadly and stay a little while longer






Between where I am and where I wish to be

Is the measure of all stress

Between what I have and what I want

Is just a reason to impress


Between who I am and yet strive to be

Is the measure of this lie

Between what has been and is yet to come

Is a story into which we buy


Between that moment and the one not born

Is a world, stunning and free from strife

So I will sit and reengage

This mystery we call life



I Am

“I” am but a thought,
a loosely stitched patchwork of memories.
Frayed and gapped,
An illusion of my doing, the apparent sum of me.

Present to the world,
this gossamer veil of lesser truths.
Molded and shaped,
for the benefit of other eyes.

Tattered and worn,
threadbare, light cannot be shadowed.
From sleep filled eyes,
awake, now into the simple dawn I go.