Harbinger of mercy; grace not my path
That I would live in truth, without measure
Divested of deceit, unveiled in knowing

Harbinger of mercy, steadfastly refrain
That I should know, that which is naked and raw
Pain as pain, joy unbound

Harbinger of mercy, stay fast thy hand
That I might accept, all things untouched
Multiplicity as stolid singularity


I Am?


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“I am THAT within which all things arise.”

This is my new daily reminder. My essential Being is pure, unbiased Awareness, in which my mind, body, others and world arise.

Only last night, while reading in bed before sleep, I finally and clearly realized that “I” can see the world, others…every thing, as apparent and “separate” objects. These things, “I” see, also include my own body, (I can and do see my hands, legs, etc., as apparent objects with attributes), and I also am fully aware of my own thoughts and, senses, perceptions and emotions. Aware, as that I can “step back” and look or think about them as objects as well.

The one thing I cannot “see” as a separate object is this ever present Awareness that lets me see, feel, experience or know these apparently separate objects. If I could somehow “see” this Awareness then the thing that was able to see Awareness would in fact be Awareness and in a way this is what is actually happening. “I “Am Aware of this always present Awareness but I think this “I” is in fact still Awareness, so, in true reality Awareness is aware, or seeing itself, which constitutes the primordial constant and ever present Knowing that has been with me always.

If I think back to when I was a child I can see myself then as a youngster but if I really recall in deep detail I also recall the sense of knowing or existing, “Awareness,” that was present and which, all these years later, is exactly the same, without sense of age, location, situation, etc.

The true sense of “I” Is the reason we often do not feel like our chronological age, like we are still as young as we ever were and are often shocked when we look in a mirror and almost don’t recognize our own face.

We are not that face. That face is simply part of an “object” that Awareness seems to be housed in and which we have come to believe is who we truly are. In doing so we ourselves have created the inside outside dichotomy of Duality complete with Subjective and Objective poles in which we ourselves believe and are trapped.

Awareness is Everything, all apparent “objects” arise within Awareness and are in fact created by Awareness, part of Awareness and consist of nothing but Awareness, all objects, body, mind, others and world.

There never was any separation.




To the sensual night I gaze

Diamond spark betray the dark

Awaken this heart with fiery blaze


No thoughts betray nor arise

Timeless soul in grace unfolds

Beyond all truth or earthly lies


To the sensual night I gaze

Diamond spark betray the dark

Awaken this heart with fiery blaze



Coffee Shop


My eyes close, the sweet scent playfully teases

Freshly baked, soft and fragrant

Vanilla I think, with just a hint of cinnamon


The strong coffee is warm in my hand

Sitting alone, the magazine lies open

More a way to avoid the occasional stares


Music, aromas, mixed conversations, just one perfect moment