lonely tree o’er in yonder field

stand alone without a word

forces push from all around

yet stand so strong and proud


lonely tree o’er in yonder field

on your branch not a single bird

but you do not make a sound

as winter spreads her shroud


lonely tree o’er in yonder field

your message I have heard

spring will come and sun abound

and again life shall sing aloud





The ‘B’ word rises too quickly,
far too easily in the throat these days.

Awakened much too early again,
it almost feels planned, almost.

A snooze button obsession,
the illusion of time, delaying the inevitable.

Roll away, pretend it’s alright,
the cell phone chimes happily,
eventually she must get up.

Five hours becomes four, not nearly enough sleep,
resist the urge, don’t say it!!

Pointing fingers always leads to another lousy day.




Words planted and nurtured grow,

in loving care the gift,

given by one to another,

as the gentle kiss of a lover.


Ideas blossom to pollen,

borne upon dreams of another,

artistic hearts gently bound,

upon this page of common ground.