To The Point (A walk along Wisconsin Point on Lake Superior)



Unbroken expanses, white under mournful January skies

The promise of sun will likely not be kept today

Toxic plumes from the ore docks, in the distance, Duluth

Encroachment to the left, wild beauty to the right.


Trees naked to winters cold, the soft blanket fallen

To their feet it brings no comfort

Dunes, once sand covered, crystal quiet solitude

Where once tawny sand blew in warmer times.


This scarf, warm and too big, a remaining relic from a year in Ireland

I would not trade its warmth against this cold

Deserted beach, stark in its winter beauty

Subdued palette, the minimal strokes of natures brush.


Superior trying to reclaim her frozen shore, crowned in arctic sculpture

Rippled sand laced in white, no beach towels, nor those brave enough to swim in Superiors chill

Lone tufts of dune grass sidling up to naked horsetails

Splashes of rare gold and olive on virgin mounds.